The Arizona Orthodontic Study Group is one of the oldest orthodontic study groups in the country. Originally called the Arizona Orthodontic Society, this group formed as an offshoot of the Texas Tweed Group founded in 1946.  The Texas Tweed Group had stemmed from colleagues meeting at the Tweed course wanting to share information and learn from each other.

Before the Arizona Orthodontic Society’s official inception, informal meetings of what would be the founding members of the society had been held since 1943.  While some of these meetings were combined with hunting and camping, plaster study models were always present.  Upon the official creation of the Arizona Orthodontic Society, meetings became more formal and would alternate locations in member offices in Phoenix and Tucson.  Meetings were always a combination of social gathering and formal discussion of orthodontics.

With few formal orthodontic training programs in existence in the 1950’s, many members of the Arizona Orthodontic Society also took on teaching roles through the preceptor program.  This orthodontic training program allowed dentists to apprentice with an established orthodontist for three years and then establish their own specialty credentials by passing an examination.  With the strong influence of Charles Tweed in Arizona, many preceptors came to Arizona to learn the edgewise technique.  Due to growing frustrations with members altering his technique and his increased focus on the Tweed Foundation, Tweed eventually left the group.

By 1970, the American Association of Orthodontists dissolved the preceptor program in favor of university based training and then in 1978 the Arizona Orthodontic Society changed its name to the Arizona Orthodontic Study Group.

Today, the Arizona Orthodontic Study Group meets once a month in central Phoenix.  Meetings alternate between speaker presentations where leaders in the field are brought in to discuss topics related to orthodontics and “model sessions” where members bring in difficult cases and receive input on how best to treat them.  Given the diverse educational backgrounds of its members, many feel they learn as much from each other than anything else.

The Arizona Orthodontic Study Group has a long history of supporting the Arizona orthodontic community and believes it is important to continue that support in the future.  For more information, please contact us at info@azorthostudygroup.com.  ​


All meetings begin at 9:00 am and are held at the Orange Tree Resort unless otherwise noted.

Orange Tree Resort
10601 N. 56th St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

September 14, 2020

AM Topic: TBD
Speaker: Dr Ki-Ho Park
Location: Orange Tree Resort

October 5, 2020

AM/PM Topic: Interdisciplinary Dentistry
Location: Spear Education Center
7201 E Princess Blvd.,
Scottsdale, AZ 85256

November 2, 2020

AM Topic: Face, Smile, and Facial Balance for Optimal Outcome
Speaker: Dr Straty Righellis
Location: Virtual Meeting

December 2020

Arizona Orthodontic State Meeting

January 4, 2021

AM Topic: How to Achieve Ideal Treatment Outcomes More Consistently
Speaker: Larry P. Tadlock

February 1, 2021

AM Topic: Factors in Molar Distalization and protraction with TADs
Speaker: Dr Jae Hyun park
Location: Orange Tree Resort

March 1, 2021

AM Topic: Chemical Dependency
Speaker: Georg Hishaw
Location: Orange Tree Resort

April 5, 2021

AM Topic: Infection Control
Speaker: Pat Pine
Location: Orange Tree Resort

May 3, 2021

Social Event